Frequently asked questions for non-dutch Jobseekers living in Amsterdam

Frequently asked questions for non-dutch Jobseekers living in Amsterdam

For some of my non-dutch jobseekers in the Amsterdam Area (which I get to see at the training that I provide at the UWV) it’s quite a search for certain information. For example about “what to do when my UWV unemployment benefit ends”. Below a page to answer a few “frequently asked questions” (Thanks to Blanka) to help you on the right track (Which I will update once in a while):

Is there an English version of

– No, there is no English version of, but there is some information in English to be found, but mainly aimed at jobseekers who are currently not living in Holland. It has some useful information though. You can find it here.

What to do when my UWV unemployment benefit ends?

– General information about “Bijstand” at (which is a UWV website) you can find here  in Dutch (Use Google translate to convert to English, see below how to do this)

– For people living in Amsterdam, you can find general information about “Applying for social assistance benefit” on the website of the “Gemeente Amsterdam”.

Be aware that some of the detail info is not translated in English, but you can use Google Translate for that. Go to Google Translate and simply copy and paste the links below in the translate box, and click the “translated link”.

Here are a few more useful links to specific information on the website of the Gemeente Amsterdam:

– More detailed information about “Applying for social assistance benefit” you can find here (in Dutch)
– Before considering application to the bijstand uitkering, make sure to read the rules, checks, fines, conditions and prerequisites of applying and receiving this benefit, as there are many” (in Dutch)
– What are your “rights” with a “social assistance benefit (bijstand)”? (in Dutch)
– Do I have to “spend” my assets first if I have a social assistance benefit? Here is the answer to this question (in Dutch)

Photo by: Jace Grandinetti